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The highly integrated LE-UWM-15 residential water meter is designed and manufactured strictly according to ISO 4064-2005. It is a new generation of all-electronic water meter with high measurement range ratio, ultra-low starting flow rate, and various communication interfaces, and it is an optional choice for water flow measurement on small pipe lines (DN15-DN40)

High Measurement Range Ratio

  •  Sample Rate 8Hz-32Hz
  • Bi-directional measurement. Supports Horizontal & Vertical mounting installation

Diversied Communication

  • Various communication interfaces support to access to various communication platforms
  • Many kinds of wireless loT interfaces are reserved such as LoRaWAN GPRS, NB-IoT etc

  • Support photoelectric interface RS485, M-BUS, RF
  • Support remote meter reading which is convenient for centralized management

Data Security

  • Ferroelectric memory makes data more secure
  • Can store total flow rate of past 512 days and 256 months separately

Ultra-Low Starting Flow Rate

  •  Minimum flow rate10L/h, detects water leaks
  • Dripping water measurement will increase revenue for water supplying enterprises

Stable and Reliable & Long-term Life

  • No moving parts, no abrasion, impurities will not stuck the water meter, IP68
  • Ultra-low power consumption < 0.15mW,more than 10 years life expectancy
  • Do not measure air

Flow Dual-display & Easy Operation

  • LCD display Instantaneous & accumulative flow and various status prompts on one screen.

  • Display Alert Symbols like. Battery Low, Tamper status, Flow Direction, Signal Strength, units m3/LPH, etc

Technical Parameters

Nominal Pressure
10 Bar
Maximum Working Pressure
16 Bar
Minimum Pressure
0.1 Bar
Media Temperature
0.10 to 50 Deg C
Operating Temperature
-15 Deg C to +55 Deg C <=100%RH
Material of Construction
Brass/Engineering Plastic
Display Range Communication
0-99999.999 m3
Protection, Class

Mechanical Dimensions

Central Monitoring Station


Billing and Analysis Solution


  • Supports centralized Server/mobile App based water consumption monitoring
  • Supports both walk by /drive by and fixed wireless data transferring solutions
  • Comply with all drinking water supply, municipal department requirements


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